I work with clients:

  • to establish goals, approaches &strategies                                                                                                                                                                                 
  • to acknowledge milestones 
  • to address whatever it is that you'd like to start, finish, grow, shrink or clarify.  

Depending on your personal preferences, sessions can be held in person or via phone with supplemental check-ins.

I'm here to support you in your journey  toward success!   


Customized Individual & Group Programs

Working together  During your complimentary session, we'll discuss your most pressing challenge(s) and make sure coaching is a good fit for you.

Clear, collaboratively established goals  During our first working session, we'll begin by establishing your objectives as you EXPLORE, through an in-depth assessment and self reflection.

Comprehensive plan for progress  Together, we will design ways for your to EXPERIENCE- including identifying resources, creating strategies and incorporating accountability to ensure your success.

Continual Refinement  We meet regularly to maintain forward momentum, adjust strategies as needed or to develop a plan for other objectives.  You'll EMERGE, fully embracing the shifts you've made.  


Not sure where you want to go? 

We can sort that out, too!  By contacting me, you're taking that first step- and all great journeys begin with a single step!